नेपालको पानी जनताको लगानी, हरेक नेपाली विद्युतको शेयरधनी

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Janatako Jalavidhyut Karyakram

Janatako Jalavidhyut Karyakram

Kimathanka Arun

Proposed Kimathanka Arun Hydro Electric Project (KAHEP) is an RoR Project lies on northenmost of Arun River at Kimathanka, Sankhuwasabha district. Proposed KAHEP utilizes the water from Arun River which is snow-fed river originating from Yebokanjilala Glacier on Mount Xixabangma, Tibet at 8012MASL.

Salient Feature of the Project

River Arun
District/VDC Sankhuwasabha/Chepuwa
Type RoR
Catchment Area 25300 km2
Design Discharge 149 m3/s
Dam Height 20 m
Crest Elevation 2020 masl
Headrace Tunnel 6.3 Km
Tail Water Level 1660 masl
Gross Head 360 m
Installed Capacity 450 MW
Total Energy 2924.69 GWh
Dry Energy 1051.13 GWh
Wet Energy 1873.56 GWh