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Janatako Jalavidhyut Karyakram

Janatako Jalavidhyut Karyakram

Simbuwa Khola

Simbuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project is proposed to be developed in Tapethok VDC of Taplejung district of Nepal, utilizing the flow of Simbuwa Khola, a tributary of Arun River. The scheme is 70.34 MW Run-of-Rive type hydropower project with a gross head of 888.6 m and design discharge of 9.24 cumec at 40% flow exceedance level. The major structures of the project are the spillway weir, undersluice and appurtenant structures, approach canal, desanding basin, a headrace tunnel of 4.392 km length, which will lead to a 24.22m high surge shaft. The design flow will be directed towards the powerhouse through 2710.42 m pressure shaft. The annual energy generation from the project will be 378.96 GWh and the electricity generated will be evacuated through the Koshi Corridor.

Salient Features of Simbuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project as per Final Feasibility Report
General Name of the river Simbuwa Khola
Type of Project Run -of- river
Project Location Yasang Village, Tamewa Village, Faktanglung, Rural Municipality
District Taplejung
Development Regions Eastern Development region
Headwork site Near Yasang Village
Latitude 27° 30' 42'' N
Longitude 87° 51' 39'' E
Power house Near Tamewa village
Nearest Airport Suketar Airport
Nearest Town Phungling bazar
Hydrology Catchment Area 246 km2
Average Annual Rainfall 2220.16 mm
Annual Average Flow 14.76 Cumec
Minimum Monthly Flow 2.69Cumec
Design Flood (100 yrs.) 237.54Cumec
Diversion Weir Type Broad Crested weir
Crest Level EL 2335.0 m
Length 17 m
Height 5.0 m from river bed
Under Sluice Location At left side of the Weir
Size 3.0 m (W) X 5.0 m (H)
Intake Location Immediately upstream and adjacent to the Under Sluice
Type Side Intake, Orifice type (RCC)
Number, Length &Height 2 No., 3.2m x 2.5 m
Diversion Discharge 9.24 cumec
Desanding Basin Type Single chamber Hopper type
No. of Bays 2
Size Hydraulic Size=80.0 m (L) X 9.0 (W) X 3.2m (H), H=13.07m including storage and operation clearance
Headrace Tunnel Shape Inverted D-Shape
Slope 1:1000
Size 3.2 m dia.
Length 4392.69 m
Surge Shaft Type Simple Cylindrical
Size 7.0 m dia, 24.22 m Height
Pressure Shaft Size 2m Circular shaped vertical shaft
3.2m Inverted D-shaped Benching
Length 2710.42 m
Penstock Size 1.8 m penstock dia
Powerhouse Cavern Location Left bank of Tamor river
Type Underground
Installed Capacity 70.34 MW
Type of Turbine Pelton
Turbine central line EL 1446.14 m
Size 102.37m (L) x 14.5m (W) x 31.75m (H)
Gross head 888.86 m
Design Discharge 9.24 cumec
Tailrace Tunnel Number & Type 1No., Concrete Lined
Dia. & Space 3.2 m, Inverted D-shape
Length 422.9 m
Transmission Line Length 35.44 km
Voltage 132.0 kV Single circuit
Interconnection Point Power House to Dhunge Sangu Sub station
Power And Energy Installed Capacity (Q40) 70.3 MW
Annual Sellable Energy 378.96 GWh
Project Road   29 km
Construction Period   4 years

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