नेपालको पानी जनताको लगानी, हरेक नेपाली विद्युतको शेयरधनी

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Janatako Jalavidhyut Karyakram

Janatako Jalavidhyut Karyakram

Upper Arun

Upper Arun Hydro Electric project is a Run-of-River type hydroelectric project with optimized generating capacity of 1061 MW capacity with 6 hours peaking. The cabinet meeting on 2075/06/05 decided to develop UAHEP through the Upper Arun Hydroelectric Limited (UAHEL), the subsidiary company of NEA established on 2073/10/12. Government of Nepal has included UAHEP as the Game Changer Project (GCP) among hydroelectric projects due to its relatively low cost of generation and availability of abundant firm energy.

Main Physical Features

Gross Head: 508.3 m

Design Discharge: 235 m3/sec

Installed Capacity: 27.0 MW (3×9 mw)

Total Annual Energy: 4,512 GWh (dry season energy 27.7%)

Dam: 100 m

Headrace Tunnel: 8.4 KM

Sediment Bypass Tunnel: 1.4KM

Surge Tank: 20 m diameter

Pressure drop shaft: 484 m high and 7.3 m diameter

Penstock: 39 m long before bifurcation

Turbine: 6 units of Pelton

Powerhouse Type: underground Powerhouse

Powerhouse Size: 230.05 m×25.7 m×59.43 m